Tungsten-Silver (WAg) [also named Silver-Tungsten AgW]

Tungsten-Silver (WAg, also named „Silver-Tungsten“ AgW) is a material for electrical contacts. The production takes place by infiltration of Silver into a porous pre-sintered Tungsten green-body. Due to different production parameters during the manufacturing process of the Tungsten sinter-body, the pore quantity and size can be varied. Thereby, the content percentage of Tungsten respectively Silver can be regulated. Depending on the requirements, the electrical conductivity and hardness can be modified. Higher Tungsten contents lead to a more regular and uniform structure.

Significant Characteristics and Applications:
  • very high burn-off resistance
  • very high density
  • high wear resistance
  • good solderability
  • high contact resistance by formation of oxide layers
  • high hardness

Used for electrical contact elements for very high switching currents: Power switches, current breakers, grounding switches and others.

ASTM Standard Specifications:
ASTM B631 – 93 (Silver-Tungsten Electrical Contact Materials)

Range of Products:
Rods, squares plates or electrical contacts and finished parts according to drawings.