Standard and Special Components

Standard fabricated and special components are a main focus area within our range of products.

Manufacturing methods are: turning, milling, drilling, grinding, pressing, spinning, bending, EDM, laser-cutting, EB-welding, TIG-welding and others.

Many standard fabricated parts made from Molybdenum, TZM, Tungsten, Tantalum and Titanium are available from stock.

Molybdenum GuidanceMolybdenum Knurled NutMolybdenum NozzleMolybdenum Perforated CylinderMolybdenum Resonator CavityMolybdenum Sheet FixturesMolybdenum SupportsMolybdenum Vented ScrewsMolybdenum Wafer CarrierMolybdenum Wire HolderMolybdenum CoverTZM Flare NozzleTZM High Temperature NozzlesTZM BoltsTantalum DiaphragmTantalum ScrewsTantalum SupportsTantalum Threaded RodsTitanium CarrierTitanium Safety-FasternerTungsten Copper NozzlesTungsten NozzleTungsten Copper Precision FixtureWSM W-Alloy Adaptor PlateZirconium Faster SetVented Tungsten Threaded PinsTZM Hot Runner NozzlesCUPALOX® High Conductive Sample Holder


Screw DIN 84 / DIN EN ISO 1207 (cylinder screw with slot)
Screw DIN 963 / DIN EN ISO 2009 (countersunk screw with slot)
Screw DIN 933 / DIN 931 / DIN EN 24014 / DIN EN 24017 (hexagon screw)
Nut DIN 934 / DIN EN 24032 / DIN 439 (hexagon nut)
Washer DIN 125 / DIN 9021
Threaded rod DIN 975 / DIN 976
Set screw DIN 551 / DIN 553 / DIN 913 / DIN 916
and others

Various special components (bolts, pins, screws, splints, contacts, electrodes…) or assemblies are manufactured and stocked for call-off orders.