Shields & Weights

The high absorption rate of Tungsten materials for X-ray and Gamma radiation enables the use for shielding against X-ray radiation or collimators in medical and measurement technology. The high density of Tungsten is perfect to produce very high mass components. That means, very precise, dimensionally stable and heavy counterbalance weights, components for vibration damping or for mass balance can be designed.

Our materials are lead-free and conform to EU requirements for chemical substances (EC) 1907/2006 (REACH) as well as to directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS-II) for electrical devices and electronic components.

WSM BallsWSM ContainerWSM Balance WeightsWSM Balance WeightsWSM Counterbalance for CrankshaftWSM Counterbalance for TurbinesWSM CounterbalanceWSM CollimatorWSM CollimatorsWSM X-Ray CollimatorsWSM CollimatorsWSM CollimatorsWSM Blanks for Mounted PointsWSM Gamma-Radiation Collimator SetWSM Gamma-Radiation CollimatorWSM CollimatorWSM CollimatorWSM CollimatorsWSM Balance WeightsWSM Balancing Set ScrewsWSM Radiation Protection ContainerWSM Radiation Protection ContainerWSM Ballast WeightsAssembled WSM CollimatorWSM Radiopaque Agent Protection ContainersWSM Ballast Plate for MotorsportWSM ShotTungsten-Alloy Radiation Shielding CoverWSM Tungsten-Alloy CollimatorWSM Radiation Source Container
Available Components:
Balance and counterbalance weights, low vibration tool shanks, projectiles, collimators, isotope containers, radiopaque agent protections, transport containers for radioactive sources, radiation shielding.

Typical Materials:
Tungsten, Tungsten High Density Alloy (WSM), Tungsten-Copper (WCu)