Precious Metals

Precious metals have a very good corrosion resistance and in elementary condition they are basically more resistant than the so-called base metals. Precious metals are Gold (Au), Silver (Ag), Platinum (Pt) and the so-called Platinum metals as Palladium (Pd), Rhodium (Rh), Iridium (Ir), Ruthenium (Ru) and Osmium (Os). Particularly, Rhenium (Re) also belongs to the Platinum metals.

Most of the precious metals are available as typical semi-finished products according to customer’s specification. Besides the semi-finished metal products we also deliver finished precious metal parts as for example crucibles, trays or sputtering targets and others.

Range of Products:
Powder, granulate, rods, wires, plates, foils and sheets, tubes, sputtering targets, crucibles, finished parts according to drawings. Recycling / credit note of material residues are possible.