CUPALOX® – The new Copper material

CUPALOX® is an Oxide Dispersion Strengthened (ODS) Copper material. The material production is made by a special powder metallurgical process. The pure Copper matrix contains very finely dispersed Aluminium-Oxide nanoparticles which strengthen the Copper and lead to a higher hardness. The thermally stable Al2O3 particles stabilize the grain structure and boundaries up to very high temperatures. The recrystallization is prevented, there is no softening and the components keep their original shape and strength also after a very high temperature load. Due to the low proportion of Al-Oxide, CUPALOX® has an excellent electrical and thermal conductivity and is therefore particularly suitable for applications for electrical or thermal contacting.

Significant Characteristics and Applications:
  • Very good electrical conductivity
  • Very good thermal conductivity
  • High temperature resistance
  • High hardness
  • Good machinability
  • Very good dimensional stability
  • Non-Stick properties during resistance welding
  • No toxic additives

CUPALOX® is used for electrical contacts, welding electrodes for resistance welding, guiding nozzles, thermally loaded conductors, heating conductors, heat sinks, radiators and others. During resistance welding of zinc-plated steel sheets, electrodes made of CUPALOX® have a special non-stick property, i.e. the electrodes do not stick or bond with the welding pieces. CUPALOX® does not contain any toxic additives and conforms to the REACH and RoHS regulations. In many applications, the harmful Copper alloys with Nickel-, Cobalt- and Beryllium additives can be replaced by CUPALOX®.

Typical Applications:
Heat sinks, vacuum tubes, microwave tubes, X-ray tubes, electrical connectors, contact brushes, radiators, heat conductors

Flat and shaped wires for relay-switch contacts, contact and electrode holders, breaker contacts, resistance welding electrodes, electrical high-temperature connectors

Resistance welding electrodes, contact pins, thermally highly stressed contacts and holders

Standard Specifications
DIN EN ISO 5182 C20/1; C20/2; C20/3
UNS C15715; C15725; C15735; C15750; C15760; C15780; C15790
RWMA No. 20.1576 Class 20 (Group C)

Range of Products:
Rods, squares, bars, tubes, profiles, plates, contacts, electrodes, heat sinks, radiators and other finished parts according to drawings.