MOTEX® Molybdenum Textured Sheet

MOTEX StrukturblechSignificant Characteristics and Applications:
Thin Molybdenum sheets are particularly used as shielding at high temperature applications. Here multiple radiation protection packages are used very often.

For these applications MOTEX® Molybdenum Textured Sheets have a lot of interesting advantages: Through embossing, the MOTEX® Sheets obtain a defined texture height and a particularly higher stability. Depending on the orientation of the texture, the rigidity is much higher compared to the flat initial sheets. In case that the conventionally thick shielding is replaced by the lighter MOTEX® Sheet, the total weight of the heating insert is reduced and the energy efficiency of the heat treatment system can be improved.

Due to the embossed texture, MOTEX® Sheets have a larger surface as well and generate a diffuse heat reflection.

Of particular interest is the combination of flat and textured sheets as multiple, very thin radiation protection packages.

Advantages when using MOTEX® Sheets in shielding packages:
  • uniform distance of the shielding layers
  • no spacers are necessary
  • easy assembling
  • high mechanical stability
  • weight and material saving
  • minor total thickness of the shielding packages
  • cracking deflection by structure

ASTM Standard Specification:
ASTM B386 (Molybdenum and Molybdenum Alloy Plate, Sheet, Strip, Foil)

Range of Products:
Strips, sheets, cuttings, pre-finished shielding and packages (laser cuttings, moulded parts) according to drawings.